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Relaxing weekend.......

Can I just say that I took the most pleasurable shower of my entire LIFE last night?!

Because WHOA I did.

My mate Chelsea has two homes down in Pebble Beach (Monterrey) and her dad's house had this soft water shower. It was like a massage times fifty thousand. And my skin was like a baby's booty when I got out. And then today I went down to the beach and played some hardcore frisbee in the sand and now my feet are like a baby's booty. That's what the lovely sand does. Seriously.

Who needs pummus stones when you've got BEACHES?! MMM!

And school has just been getting me down lately. Not school school, but the social aspect of it. Killer. I'm starting to hate the people around me. Well, not hate. But I sure don't appreciate.

They want me to "grow up" and be "less theatrical". They want me to change. Umm...how about I DON'T change? How's that?

I have too many friends down in Southern Cali who LOVE me for who I am and tell me all the time. I have my family. THEY don't need me to change. So I won't. I don't CARE about these people. I am me. And nobody will change that. Nobody CAN change that.

I can't even change that.

So, I'm done being upset by them.

And I'm breakin'! In Monterrey! At the beach! MMMM!!!!

Chill peeps!

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