June 10th, 2008

Why do girls have to be such drama queens?

In three days, I will have finished my finals and I will be packed away in my father's truck with all of my college belongings, driving back home.

I cannot wait.

Even moreso since tonight, despite how hard it made me laugh.

I am resting on my bed, watching videos, doing a little studying here and there. You know, I'm being a typical end of the year college student. It's my freshman year. Who cares? Nobody. I sure as hell don't.

And you know, if these girls didn't give me so much HELL all year and make me feel TERRIBLE about myself, maybe I'd be a little more sad I'm leaving them for a few months. But at the same time, I won't see them for three months, probably less than that. THREE MONTHS! Not a long time AT. ALL.

And yet, Katherine is lying next to Jessie (my roommate) on her bed. And they're clinging onto each other because Katherine is leaving tomorrow. They live one hour away from each other. I live 8 hours drive away from ALL of my friends in college. So, why am I not clinging to anyone and crying?

Ummm...because I'm NORMAL?!?!

I am seriously CRACKING UP! It's like a soap opera over there! And they are glaring so bad at me and I find it hilarious! I am CRACKING UP so bad at them. They are TOOLS! They're crying and going "I don't want to leave! I'll miss you so much!!"

You would think one of them was going off to ferry lost souls to the afterlife for ten years. But ummmmmmm not even. And Will and Elizabeth were much better at it. And OBVIOUSLY had more reason for the teary goodbye....a teary goodbye WE DIDN'T EVEN SEE ONSCREEN!

Seriously how old are we?

They are so dramatic. And Katherine is obviously doing this because she wants attention. So annoying. "Oh I'm sad! I'm the only one suffering!" And I'm like "PPHAHAHAHA!"

Oh God, ok. I'm weirded out now. I feel like one of them might be dying soon. That's how they're acting. I'm going to sign off and pretend to sleep. Maybe they'll leave. Creepsters.

Good night all!